"Here we protect our children and adolescents of commercial sexual exploitation"
La Muralla ¡SOY YO!
La Muralla SOY ¡YO (I am the Wall) is a city project designed to protect children and teenagers which invites citizens in general to construct safe environments to prevent and fight Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teenagers (ESCNNA) within the travel and tourism context.

La Muralla Soy Yo (I am the Wall) is a project articulated with the World Tourism Ethics Code of the World Tourism Organization and therefore, the practices proposed by this initiative are aligned with the parameters established in the World Tourism Organization.

It started after a team work carried out by the actors of the project (informal tourist service providers, entrepreneurs, ECPAT young members, Tourism Corporation of Cartagena de Indias, the Renacer Foundation and UNICEF.

The mission was to find a slogan that would transmit a positive message, a protection message and a message that would empower adults towards a protecting role, a message that would mix tourism related concepts with Cartagena, with the rights of children and with the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and teenagers - ESCNNA - and after going through different ideas and proposals the conclusion was "La Muralla SOY ¡YO!" (I am the Wall)
Our fundamentals
  • The walls were built in colonial days to protect the best treasures in the city against pirate attacks.
  • Children and teenagers are our best treasures.
  • The adults have the responsibility of loving and protecting them.
  • The wall is a symbol of protection.
  • We all must be united to reach a protecting environment.
  • Therefore, we all have the role of building a human wall, full of affection to protect our best treasures: our children and teenagers from commercial sexual exploitation.
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